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Commitment to Community 

MISSION STATEMENT: Honor Rebel Media’s mission is to tell the stories of the voiceless, people of color and those who are disproportionately impacted by socio-economic constraints and judicial bias. We are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive entertainment environment that focuses on impactful storytelling.

NATURE & PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is simple--storytelling helps to cure societal challenges. Local communities  as well as society at large benefit from sharing stories from different perspectives and personal experiences. These shared experiences, both actual and virtual, open dialogues that act as catalysts of change, which in turn helps to cure societal inequalities in education, justice, employment and other sectors.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Honor Rebel Media not only amplifies voices through storytelling. 


We provide opportunities throughout the year for our employees to give back by leveraging their skill set and volunteering with nonprofits. 

We offer free and low cost use of our space for community meetings and gatherings.

We make yearly financial contributions to the Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury.

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